How to Walk Together

How To Walk Together (video)

how to walk togetherHow To Walk Togetherhow to walk togetherhow to walk togetherhow to walk togetherhow to walk together


Public performance / Community collaboration – Hoorn, Holland, 2012 – Hotel Maria Kapel – collaborator Catherine Grau

During a one-month residency we developed a floating performance in the canals of Groote Waal and Dwaal Park, with the intention of promoting public creativity and challenging the potential of public space.

The score was developed from research and conversations with residents and infused with our interpretations and imagination. The content originated from the main question: “How do we want to be together?”, which was considered in reality and fantasy. The choreography, props, costumes and performances were all done in collaboration with active community members. The final performance became a procession of boats and walkers that migrated along the canals of Groote Waal, creating a poignant moment of celebration, protest and activation in a region that is too often disregarded. The project was made possible by the amazing support of Bart Meilink, K.V. Flevo canoe club and HMK.


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