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Dance Troupe Practice (video documentary)

dance troupe practice

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Community dance collective – Vancouver – member since 2011

Dance Troupe Practice is a movement-based performance collective founded in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada. We produce interdisciplinary works that combine dance, sound, voice, video and installation. The troupe is interested in performing outside of the conventional theatre black box to co-create the performance space in alternative possibilities such as art galleries, public spaces and special events. We have collaboratively created several pieces featured at events such as Live – Performance Art Bienalle, Square Waves Festival, Dancing On the Edge Festival, 12 Min Max, W2, and Low Lives 4 International Festival of Live Networked Performances. After five years, DTP is still going strong. Members meet regularly and through an open, accessible format we create a steady output of unique and challenging material.

Our works are grounded on a philosophy that explores the border zones between dance and life. We are committed to the deep exploration of each individual’s dancing body, and the formation of new works through collective process. Within a safe environment, members are welcome to bring their personal life experience to the dance space, and release them through movement. Our focus is on the quality of our movements and the intention underlying our dances. Dance Troupe believes that powerful new dance works emerge from a commitment to each member’s personal body communication, without necessarily following a rigid palette of dance techniques.

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