*photo credit: Ash Tanasiychuk

Movement Workshop – The Apartment – Vancouver, 2013 – collaboration with Luciana D’Anunciação and Mirae Rosner

Alongside our upcoming Anna Halprin exhibition Circles, The Apartment welcomes Soft/Union – a dance and movement workshop that stems from the processes that have been integral to the iconic westcoast dancer’s choreography and art forms. Soft/Union will be led by Luciana D’Anunciacao, Zoe Kreye and Mirae Rosner. Patterns of daily routines create well worn pathways that shape our modes of experience. When we invite our bodies to lead we free ourselves to follow unexpected directions and discover our vivid imaginations. Soft/Union is body-based. We will learn from our senses and perception, build awareness of individual and group process and create space for embodied experience. Accessible to all bodies and experience levels.
Mirae Rosner (Canada), Zoe Kreye (Canada) & Luciana D’Anunciação (Brazil) are members of, and gain deep inspiration from working with Dance Troupe Practice (DTP): a self-organized and non-hierarchical dance collective that is open to those interested in exploring life and creativity through movement.

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