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*photo credit: Ash Tanasiychuk

Unlearning Weekenders

Public project – Goethe Satellite – Vancouver, 2013 – collaboration with Catherine Grau

Join us as we migrate across Vancouver, following the sun from east to west, with neighbours, dancers, workers, friends, parents, artists and all of those who make up our diverse communities. This group of unlearners will embark on a quest to challenge our dominant systems of knowing and being. This will be instigated through workshop activities, movement exercises, readings, public space actions and games.

This procession is the culmination of ongoing research on unlearning and creative development that grew out of a participatory process with the public. We have been deeply inspired by those who we have met and invite you in to continue the journey with us. The procession will be led by a diverse range of volunteers from the public. Please bring your creativity, generosity, curiosity and enthusiasm to the procession; experimentation and participation is encouraged.

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