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Plaster / Social Practice

Grunt Gallery, solo exhibition, December 2015

Commissioned public project, Vancouver 2014-2015

FutureLoss – sculptural incarnations of loss, on Main Street (Vancouver). Over the course of 12 weeks, the artist engaged directly with shop owners, organizers and residents in discussions around what it means to hold space in a shifting landscape. Space, on this strip and in this city, is currency, and Kreye’s practice reaches through the overarching narratives of real estate, gentrification and speculation to consider the poetics of an individual’s connection to place. What bodies exist here? What corners? And in between these – what would the loss of one or the other look like?

Kreye’s practice quietly inhabits the street: she met with participants in their own spaces, and worked with them to create discrete objects and impressions in plaster. These works–abstract, raw, wrinkled, angular – form a collective sculptural utterance, a statement from the community that is both abstract and earnest.  Not quite documentary, but certainly infused with real bodies and things, FutureLoss is an evolving portrait of this neighbourhood, and this moment in time.

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