Process Institute


Artists Collective – Berlin, 2009 – Zoe Kreye (Canada), Catherine Grau (Germany) – Irene Izquierdo (Spain) – Carlos Leon-Xjimenez (Peru)

The Process Institute founded itself as an artist collective as a solution to supporting public practices, working without a permanent space or consistent support systems.  If temporality & mobility are the contemporary answer to sustain culture, we need to initiate an invested exploration of the possibilities of this phenomenon. The Process Institute: how to exist?, posed concrete questions of how to parasite spaces, collaborate with other institutions, and what kind of infrastructures are needed in contemporary art-production, as well as exploring more deeply the issues of adaptation, appropriation, migration, and how to remain rooted while mobile.

For the 4-week residency of how to exist?, we used the Art Transponder space as an office to establish its common mission in a conscious approach to collaboration. Networks of working structures with similar approaches were explored through a series of interviews and an archive of the results was compiled. The mobile office was developed and tested as a mobile research platform for an active, grass-roots artistic practice. Our main aim is to use the collective as a platform for investigations, project developments, public space appropriations and insertion into specific contexts relating community, everyday living, social and spatial possibilities, and fostering public creativity.

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