Our Missing Body


Our Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing Body Our Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing BodyOur Missing Body

Our Missing Body

Performance / Ceramics / Foam

Kamloops Art Gallery, All Membranes Are Porous, September 2016

Kreye’s sculptural installations focus on the somatic experience of loss through a relationship between object, movement, ritual and encounter. She develops ceramic objects through a process that includes visualization and body work techniques as a way of exploring the physical void left by detachment from familial bonds, societal and spiritual contact. Our Missing Body sets a stage for embodiment and a connection to occur. Foam supports and ceramic forms, which Kreye originally made to fit parts of her own body, occupy the Gallery as architectural references, creating a space to explore experiences of loss, embodiment and elemental connection. As a way of enacting this experience, Kreye facilitates immersive workshops where participants are invited to create “embodied scores. Extending her personal relationship with the forms, Kreye includes others through workshops that employ techniques from contact improvisation, performance art, visualization, ecstatic dance and authentic movement. Participants are given the opportunity to touch, listen and develop movement rituals with the ceramic forms to forge an intimate encounter between sculpture and body. Their observations and experiences are shared through writing which continues to be added to the newspapers as a collective allegory. Expanding the possibilities and the life of objects in the Gallery, Kreye’s participatory practice attempts to make sense of an object’s origin and meaning, the participants’ actions and roles and collective embedded histories ─ the experience of bodies, objects and space coming together.


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