Make Our Own Air

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ZoeKreye-MakeOurOwnAir@SpaceStudios-Web53 ZoeKreye-MakeOurOwnAir@SpaceStudios-Web65 Make Our Own Air

Ceramic / Ink on Canvas / Performance

Zoe Kreye, Make Our Own Air, 2017. Commissioned by SPACE, London. Photo: Kate Elliott

For this commission with SPACE (London) Kreye collaborated with St Joseph’s Hospice to explore the complexities of loss and the transformations it can induce. For this exchange, movement techniques, sculpture and allegory are used to place focus onto the body to encourage speculative fictions. Dancers performer weekly within the installation.

Collaborators at St Joseph’s Hospice: Simon Powell, Jody Spargo, Akira
Cripps, Belinda Ballhatchet, Sandra Porter, Joy Kahumbu, Catherine Byron,
Janet Lewis, Joel Goather, Janet Williams, Frankie Connolly, Claire Chatelet and
Lynne Bennett.

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