Cloth Culture

Group exhibition curated by Larissa Beringer & Lindsay Lorraine. Lake Country Art Gallery, 2019. Works by Zoe Kreye include Fullbody Painting, ink on canvas & Flower Glove, gauze sewn glove stuffed with drying wild flowers 4’x3′.

Cloth Culture, brings together six contemporary artists to explore the tacit emotional and experiential resonance achieved through the active labor of material production and bodily awareness. Works by Cloth Tone (Larissa Beringer and Lindsay Lorraine), Beth Howe, Zoe Kreye, Tiziana La Melia and Holly Ward manipulate and engage with varying textile materials and time-intensive (slow) processes to produce a series of propositional works that value an underlying investment in labor, mobility, and self-engagement. Revealing a sensitivity to the inherit value of bodily experience, tactility and form – a certain vibrancy calls attention to these artists’ relationship to our basic human needs for tactile experience, meditative movement, nature and local economies of scale. In turn, Cloth Culture challenges our relationship to cloth, craft and consumption.

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