Well, beloved, it is that which we want to call the secret growing.

Equinox Gallery, SEPTEMBER 9, 2023 – OCTOBER 7, 2023

Moved by a sense of purpose that includes connection, spirit, and care, Zoë Kreye uses embodied rituals in her studio practice to create objects and installations that capture sensations of the body. By utilizing the body as a tool for sensing resonances within visual aesthetics, the works engage a multitude of senses in the act of viewing that bring new awareness to the self and to others.

Expressive in their scale and composition, the works in this exhibition are created on linen, on paper, and large-scale, immersive works are on sheer fabrics. The act of moving through the exhibition causes subtle movements in the works themselves, shifts that might extend our perception beyond the visual and into the psychological.

For a list of available artworks, please contact the gallery at info@equinoxgallery.com or 604.736.2405

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