Unlearning Practices

Our practice of Unlearning originates from a place of struggle with the overly rational, individualistic, and growth and consumption-oriented way of life. This way of life leaves little opportunity for us to open our hearts and minds, to engage our feelings and intuitions, to listen to what is taking place around and within us. Most of our recent unlearning has been about generating and reclaiming processes of care. We want to explore the potential of empathy, of expanding our consciousness to include more than our selves, of learning from nature and finding answers in our communities and within our inner landscapes. Imagine the radical implications of nurturing and hearing multiple forms of intelligence and of fostering our ability to deeply feel. The Unlearning Practices is not about self-improvement, nor are they a means of increasing functionality at the service of a neoliberal exploitative system. On the contrary, The Unlearning an opportunity to rebel and to invite magic into our lives. There is more to life than we know!

Unlearning Practices is an ongoing collaboration with Catherine Grau and previously the artist collective Process Institute, since 2009. 

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Unlearning Practices * coming soon

Unlearning Myths (images shown above)

Unlearning Walking Club 

Unlearning Weekenders


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